Hello world! My name is Eliška Sirotková and I would like to introduce you our new vlogs.

Hey, what’s new here?

We decided to start to make vlogs in the begining of this year. My 3 moths of holiday starts exactly last day of 2017 because of our broken car. This day I was preparing to go to work, I took my bag and together with Alex we went to parking space just couple of metres far away from place where we are living. We were speaking about how we will celebrate this New Year’s Eve and about last year when we were celebrating brazilian New Year with their traditions. I opened door of the car and sit down. I put the key inside, turn it and nothing. I tried to change the gear and nothing! It was totally blocked and impossible to go anywhere. I sent a message to the boss that I am taking my holiday little bit early than was planned. And my smile on the face was growing until I had smile from one ear to another. This New Year I am gonna celebrate it at home, Yeah!
My holiday has been started and my plan was to concentrated on our Lugeer and me project – blog, vlogs, instagram, photos, videos,… With head full of enthusiasm and happiness I have been started this online journey. But just after one week of this holiday I started to loose the optimism. Whole first week I was working just to finish one video. Then it passed another week and I felt that I didn’t do almost nothing from my list of things that I wanted to do. It was continue in the same way next two months and I realize that I didn’t have time for videos for vlog. I start to think which videos I will do and to be honest I did not have any idea. I was stressed and depressed that I was not able to meet my plan nether from 10%. I was concentrating my attention all the days to achieve it and nothing. When came the moment that I just let go and didn’t put pressure I was finally able to see some results and the topics of vlogs start to coming.

Did you make your own youtube chanel?

When I started to learn how to make videos few months ago I created two behind the scene videos with Alex making video clips for his songs. I wanted to put these videos on Youtube and Alex offer me to use for it his Youtube chanel with his personal videos memories. That was great idea because I didn’t start from zero and I will not ruin his second Youtube chanel with his songs. And from that moment I started to put all my videos there. Just few days ago I get also permission from The Great Alex Lugeer to change his profile picture 😀 And I hope this chanel will slowly transform to LugeerAndMe Youtube chanel.

How many vlogs did you do until now?

After the first two behind the scene videos we created video about our subliminal audio for bringing money to our life that has also separate article here.
Then I made vlog from St. Valentine’s day and how we celebrated it. I like to try new creative things and I had idea to use in this video something new. My idea was to put some animations inside the video to make it little bit more interesting and funny. There are two parts in the video where Alex is telling two stories that I wanted to concentrate. The first one is about his stressed pizza story and the second one is crazy story about giraffe, fenixes and monkeys. This was my target for my creative animations art. I took my tablet with pen and connected it with the computer but unfortunately it didn’t work (it was present from one of my friend that he gave me many year ago and I think it stopped to work because in time everything stopped to work … Just pure love stays forever :D). But I didn’t give up and hoped that I will be able to draw something just with the computer mouse. I started to search some program for making animation and at the end I decided to do it just with photoshop. Ehm, really? Did I try to draw animation in photoshop with the mouse? Yes and I can say that it really didn’t make any good result. So what next? I start to look for another option and I found easy phone application for making animations. It seems so easy, I have to draw just about 30-50 pictures and I have few seconds of animation. Great let’s do it, just my finger is little bit too big for the small screen of the phone and when I stared to draw Alex for my first story I couldn’t connect his bubble head with the line that has to represent his body. When I put there also hands and legs the result was like this – lots of lines across each other look like modern art. But in few minutes I found solution also for this problem! I watched video how to make your own stylus pen from a earbud and piece of aluminium. Easy and great idea. I took a earbud put aluminium around and wet the end with water. It was working! I had everything to make a child drawings 😀 The result is .. ehm .. it is not the best of my art but I had a lots of fun and I think it little bit help the video in a long parts with still the same scene to spice it.
The next video is from my trip to Czech. In the begining of February I flight to Czech republic to celebrate birthday of my mum together with all my family. I decided to make one video also there. This time it was about camera comparison (Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II vs. Canon 5d Mark III) together with my brother. In one morning I convinced him to woke up earlier before everybody else in house will open their eyes, go to the forest and make the video. The morning that we chose was the only one with snow and I was so happy that the timing has gone so well. We had fun and we enjoy it but do not take it like serious comparison video. 😉
Next four videos were connected with our GoPro and phone (Honor 9) that we chose for its good camera. And these 3 videos. I finished it in one week and I was so happy that I evolved from 1 video per week in 3 videos per week. But about these videos I will speak little bit later.

Do you want to make vlogs regularly?

I don’t want to promise anything but it will be great if I will be able to do it. It helps me to practise making videos in my computer and it is also great memories for us. I remember when I was a child my parents were taking videos of me and my elder brother almost everywhere – on holidays, when we were celebrating something or just in normal day. And few times a year we watch this videos with cup of coffee and we like it so much. And I am happy to continue to capture my life on these vlogs.

Do you want to say something at the end?

I will be happy if you support my new hobby (vlogs) with watching my videos on Youtube and I will be happy for every like and comment.

With love.

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