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Hello world!
My name is Eliška Sirotková and I would like to introduce you one of our new song today.

What do you want to share with us today?

It passed already few months from the moment that we finished this song with videoclip. But it is mainly my fault that I did not find enought time to finish my behind the scene video. Few days ago my holiday starts and I am happy to finishing all the things that are waiting me for a long time. So, we have song, videoclip and also my funny behind the scene video.

What is this song about?

This song Alex created with speech of Muhammad Ali. This guy was professional American boxer. Muhammad Ali had really interesting speech about life, death and God. It starts with child who asked him what he will do when he retire from boxing. He speaks about time and about life that it is not really long because many years we spend for sleeping, traveling, … and about how long is eternity in a beautiful example with beach. If you can move every 1000 years 1 grain of send, you can imagine eternity like when you want to move all the beach. What he really want to do after boxing carrier was to get ready to meet God. He explain his theory of God existence in another nice example that things in this world were created by someone, so also the universe had to be created of someone or something.

Which video did you choose for this song?

I remember when Alex pick me up from work and on the way home he started to speak about one message that he recieved that day. The message was from one lady from the same town where we are living. She saw his work on the internet and asked him for video about her and her passion of aeroyoga. Alex was so happy that day about it because he likes to work with people that love what they are doing and iniciative people who do things with heart. The first impression was good but the appearance sometimes deceives. After first meeting with this lady his happiness slow down because he felt that she wants to do this only for publicity but he still wanted to finish it.

How was the videoshooting day?

The meeting was planned for one Sunday, our day off. I liked long sleeps on Sunday’s morning because it was the only day per week that I could. But Alex came with the idea to wake up early morning and start the shooting at 7 a.m. I was shooked, haha ha, good joke, seriously? Yes, we woke up and start the video in beautiful place in Puerto del Carmen during sunrise. I like the colours of sunrise in the video so it was worth it!

How is the video behind the scene?

Actually, I really like to make this kind of videos because it is more funny that the normal ones. We choose three locations which were good for this type of yoga. For this yoga we needed place where we can put hammock, there the lady start to make excercises off the ground. In first two places we used pergolas. So from the first place we moved to Playa Honda where Alex was shooting, I think, from every possible angle. The last place we use palm tree like the holder of hammock. It was cold and windy place so we did not spend there so much time. Before we finish I wanted to sit on this palm tree and be more comfortable. It was bed idea! It was like grater for my legs! It was a little bit funny, the coinsedence behind this pain that I was feelling, becouse i remember that this happened also at the other behind the scene video.

Do you want to say something for the end?

At the end the video i like it, more than i expected and we had so much fun. I hope you will enjoy the song and videos. And we are already working on new songs and hopely soon I can write again our stories.

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With love.

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