Sunday’s vlogs marathon

Hello world! My name is Eliška Sirotková and today I want to speak about our last 3 vlogs.

How are these 3 videos connected with each other?

Alex is working six days per week and when he comes home for spanish ”siesta” we normaly eat lunch and then he wants to concentrate on his music projects. So the only day we can make trips and also vlogs are on Sunday when he is off. One Sunday was really bussy because we decided to make 3 vlogs in one day. It was mainly because in that week were happening a lots of strange things and also people around me were not in balance with their life situation. And another thing why we started to make a lot of videos is that we bought new phone and new GoPro.

Why did you decided to buy these new things?

One day we decided to make videoclip with dron. It was great idea because Lanzarote is beautiful and with the dron we are able to capture amazing videos for our traveling song. We were trying first couple of days to play with the dron and learn how to make the best videos for our videoclip with the right speed, angle and height. This dron did not have his own camera but just place where you can put your GoPro. One morning the dron flyaway and we couldn’t find it anymore. Like this we lost the dron and GoPro in the same time. About this sad story is the first video.
And my phone? It is just stopped work one day without any reason. So we decided to buy new one.

Oh, that’s a pitty. And other 2 videos?

The second video is background video about song and videoclip that we made by the new phone – Honor 9 that we choose for the good quality camera. Ehm.. the phone has 4 cameras 😀 – I think they trying to find a way how to satisfy photographers. But back to our story. We decided to make a song from sounds that we can make here in Lanzarote and record it with phone. So we went aroud one beach and we were making noise with stones, send, fence, cactuses, palm trees and other things that we found around us. Little bit later when we were tired of this great game of hitting things to another things we were recorded few more sounds that were around us like birds, bus and happy people. Then we decided to move to another place that’s called bosquesito. It is a beautiful place on top of one high hill on the north. On internet this place is presented like a forest but seriously do you think that in this desert you can find a forest? But it is true that this place is different from other places in the island and few bushes around make a beautiful ambient there. And there we were continue with our videos.
The last video is about anger that drifted in Alex for that week. In this video he is speaking how he is work with his feeling and emotions and what he learns from this situations.

Where can I see this videos?

These vlogs I put on Youtube on Lugeer And Me playlist. I will put all the links down below to find it more easy.

Are you preparing next vlogs?

We already recorded another few videos that are waiting for me to put it in the computer and finish them. One of the video that is waiting has about 50 minutes there we were speaking about my issue, so I’m a little scared about how much time I spend on the video. But as soon as possible I will try to finish it.

Do you want to say something for the end?

Just make a cup of tea and enjoy our videos. Let me know what do you think about these new vlogs.

Thank you,
With love.

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