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My name is Eliška Sirotková and I am so exited to share with you our subliminal audio for better relationship with money.

Why did you create this audio?

Let me start from the begining. We had a few situations in our relationship when Alex was angry that he spent more money than me when we went out. He resolved his problem after few months with idea to pay exactly half and half of everything that we will buy. He started to feel good in this situation but another ones came. Everytime when he decided to save some money another situation forced him to pay more for something else. He was getting mad when he paid for parking in shopping center and then the turnpike was open for going out for free or when we parked car on the side of road full of cars and when we came back there was our car alone with fine from policeman who was there just few minutes before we came back. Stories that make him angry like this continued and continued. Last few months I was also upset of my situation with money at work. I get my salary always so late or they didn’t pay it at all.

When we were speaking about our money problems together, Alex had amazing idea to create something that can help us to stop this bad situations happening in our life.

Have something changed in your life when you created?

Yes, after we put knowledge together, write it down, recorded and make the audio, we start to listen it every single night. We leave it to play all nights in low volume. It was few days before Christmas when we start to listen it.
Let me tell you short story. I remember moment from my school in spanish classes. Our teacher was speaking how spanish people celebrate their holidays. When she was speaking about Christmas she said that almost everybody buy lottery ticket and it is very famous in all the country. Because now I live here I would like to try also their traditions and customs. I asked Alex if he know where to buy the ticket, how it works and where to see the winning numbers. He didn’t give me so many information that I wanted and it seemed that he doesn’t like so much the idea to buy ticket for Christmas lottery. Two days later Alex was speaking with a lady in his work. She asked him if he already buy ticket to lottery (Haha, thank from me to this lady). He took it like a sign and bought it. The ticket won 100 euro.

Nice story. Are you giving out this audio for free?

Yes, we do. We decided to share it with everybody who wants to try it. And we hope that with our work we can help a lot of people who has some problem about money like us or different one, for people who don’t earn the amount of money that they want and for everyone who want to make better relationship with money.

How does it work? What I have to do?

This audio works in way of subliminal messages to your mind. Use it is so easy. You just listen this audio one or more times a day/night. More you listen more effective it is. We recommend to listen 3 times in relax ambient and concentrate on meaning of the words (visualizing images). Then you don’t have to focus, leave this audio like a background music and do your things.

Do you want to say something for the end?

I would like to say thank you for reading our blog. Let me know if you like this audio and don’t hesitate to write me your stories with our or another subliminal audios you have tried. If you want more subliminal audios from us leave me a message or comment down below.

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With love.


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