Hello everybody! My name is Eliška Sirotková and it is my pleasure to present you our album – UNICORNS.

This is already second album, right?

Yes, my Dear Love made already two albums but this one is with me. Because of several unpleasant situations with few singers Lugeer decided to make one album with me. He needed to practise and improve skills in creating music, and I was the only person who is all the time available and near. There was just small problem – I cannot sing. All my life people who hear me sing say: “Stop it, please! The sound is like a cat that is screaming when you pull her tail.” Or I remember moment from my teenage time when I was with friends in karaoke bar. With one of them I decided to try it. I do not remember which song we chose but with lots of optimism and passion we went to the stage, we took the microphone to our hands and start to sing. We were so happy and exited of our singing but when we finished I spoke with another friend that said: “I was so shy when you were singing that I could not stay there.” And she went out of the bar.

How was the experience of creating album for you?

Because of these situations in my life it was quite hard to sing for me. Another problem is that I am terrified of microphone. It is like to give a spider to a person who has arachnophobia. I cannot send neither voice message to my friends because it means I have to speak to the microphone. So it was really hard to pass this fear for me. The second song was the hardest one for me. Alex bring me the lyrics and put the microphone on my knees. I read the lyrics and listened the music for first time. After few minutes he asked me to start to sing and I started to panic. I was trying to make some sound but I couldn’t! I wanted to do it for him but my fear was stopping me. I was sitting on sofa with microphone in front of me, full of tears all over my face, and I was laughing also of this stressful situation. I asked Alex to stay in another room because I am shy person. In couple of minutes I was able to make some sound that seemed like singing. After this story Lugeer decided to use just speeches or whispering, and he did not let me to sing again.

Don’t you like it?

Do not take me wrong, I liked it! It was something that we were creating together and it had many amazing moments and I enjoyed it, just some parts was little bit harder for me. I am glad that he decided to use my voice and let me to create videoclips also when I am not so good, and I am just learning now. Actually it was my dream when I was younger to have someone that is writing poems and songs for me. This romantic dream become my reality, and I am so happy for that!

How long did you work in it?

The album that has 7 songs we created in 4 months. We started with song “CO NE JE RO”. This name is because of Lanzarote where we live and people who born in Lanzarote call themselves conejeros – rabbits. Because of this connection I made a videoclip about Lanzarote in 2 weeks when Lugeer went to visit his family and friends to Romania and I had a lot of time to travel around the island. I was not able to fulfill my plan of visit all the places because of one situation. Lugeer leave me to use his car, and I was totally free to do anything. I decided to go with friends on the trip around the island. It was their last days staying on this island and I wanted to spend my time with them. They had plan – sleeping all the night in the beach (It was really cold night!) and meet me at 7 o’clock in the morning. I had also my plan – enjoy the full bed just for me and in the morning meet my friends. Both of the plans went good, and we start our trip. At 14 pm I had to start my work, so we had few hours to enjoy it. We were visiting places, had fun and I was making my videos. We arrived to Haría and I opened car hood to check the water because Lugeer said to check it few times, the car has sometimes problem with water. OMG! Where is the cap!? I lost the cap from water container! Did I close it bad? Or I did not put it there when I checked it yesterday? OK, it is not a problem. Let’s keep calm and finish the road. On the way back the car slow down. Just few minutes from my work the car totally stopped! I didn’t know what to do. The car is not working anymore! I tried to call Lugeer and he didn’t answer, I called my boss to say sorry, I will be late and another call was to my mum: “Help me, please!” Then my dad just said: “Keep calm, put there water, go to the first petrol station and they will give you something to cover it, buy new water and everything will be OK.” Easy, right? But you cannot believe how I was stressful that I broke the car! I follow instruction of my father. I put the rest of water that I had and I went with my friends to first petrol station. There was one kind man that searched in bins some cap, filled the container with water and gave me address of a shop where I can buy new cap. At that moment Lugeer called me back and I just said – I destroyed your car but I will call you later. He just asked me: “And you are ok?” I said – “Yes, I am.” He finished the conversation: “Then it is everything OK, do not worry.” Really? How can be everybody so balance when I am so stressful, in panic and destroying things around me!? (Ehm.. the day before my camera totally stopped to work) So because of this situation there are missing scenes from La Graciosa and Sunday’s Teguise market – I was afraid to use the car for long distance for next couple of days. I bought new cap and everything is all right now.

And the other videoclips?

For song “The way of a dream” we used photos from birthday’s holidays in Gran Canaria and for “Unicorns in Gran Canaria” we used videos from this trip. About Gran Canaria I wrote separate article and you can read it here. Another song is “The warmest heart” where the main voice of Lugeer was the test that he recorded on the phone and because I felt in love I convinced him to use that. Videoclip for this song was also Christmas present for him – video just about him (Ha ha, narcissists will understand). I took inspiration in publicity of perfumes and I decided to go close to this style. So one day we went to Puerto del Carmen for lunch and on the way I made this video. Ehm… We went there because the car stopped to work, and we had few weeks when we spend our days off in walking trips. Fortunately this was not my fault (I hope..).
Another videos are Sounds of Lanzarote. This was in Lugeer’s mind for long time because I remember that he recorded few sounds already in way to Gran Canaria but at the end he used sounds just from this island. And videoclip we made with my new phone. You can read separate article about this here.
Another song “Giving you the night” was made much faster than all the others. We just sit next to each other in the bed one night with microphone and we start to sing spontaneously. Bed … small single bed. Yes, we were sleeping together for more that 1 year in single bed. We were squeezed there like sardines in cans. I had sometimes pain in my back and I had sooo big problem where to place my arms but I loved to hug and be near each other all the nights! But one day… it was in st. Valentine’s day … I had one stupid idea! I put two mattresses next to each other on the floor to have double bed. I do not know what I was thinking about!? That we will keep our hugging style of sleeping with lots of space around? Ach.. So, back to the song. For this song we have chosen as a videoclip some videos from Carnival in Puerto del Carmen. This video was interesting for me because I just let it go and created video that is not my style, it is not my cup of tea.

And the last one?

Oh, the last song. Whispering song. I remember moment on the street in front of our apartment when we had conversation with Alex about the videoclips. He said, that the last videoclip he wants to do on his own, so clearly and unambiguously. He wanted to show me on this videoclip that we have to start to think more about the videos what we do and prepare detailed schedule of every second before we start to make a video. He wrote few pages of this video schedule, and we started. Every few days we went to another part of this island and made just few seconds of the video. Because Lugeer put deadline to finish the last song until we will go to friend’s wedding to Romania we had too much pressure during this video. One night we went one hour far away place in hills. It is beautiful place where we spent one st. Valentine’s day and you can see also this place in videoclip the first motivation album “Privilege of change.” On the way we realize that we do not have enough batteries for the light effects we wanted to do. Then the round that leads there was closed, and we had to go more far away. We arrived, we stopped the car, it was totally dark. Lugeer open the door and go out of the car. In few seconds he run back, jump inside the car and cracked the door. What’s the hell happening there!? I am asking: “What’s wrong?” He slowly open the door. “Do you hear it?” There was sound like from horror movie. It was like someone is killing seagulls there. We didn’t find the courage to go out and have fun with making video, and we just left from that scary place. So we didn’t fulfill all the schedule, but we finish it before the wedding!

Do you want to say something to end?

Yes! We put lots of effort to this album, and we had bad and good moments. This album is full of stories and we created a lot of memories. And to celebrate this we decided to put it on Google play and iTunes. So now your phone can find our songs through Shazam. This is for us big step forward and I hope you will enjoy our songs also. I hope that you will not listen it just like a song but you will hear all the stories and emotions behind. If you decided to like and share our songs it will motivate us to make better and better work. In our heads are already new ideas for next album and I hope you will enjoy it with us.
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