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This island situated in atlantic ocean allowed me to enter deep inside and show me the various beauties that are hiding. It was day after my birthday when we start our journey where we celebrate my twenty-four year of existence. I didn’t expect that this island which is just six hours with boat far away from us (Lanzarote) can be so different and I didn’t know that this trip can fill up my traveling wishes so high. I like traveling, I like it mainly because of the feeling of being on the way and moving forward, the freedom what I feel when time isn’t important and when new places let me feel alive. Alex with this birthday trip present didn’t give me just seven days of holiday but time of being together only for each other, and this was a full week and the first time in our relationship. And together, Lugeer and destiny, give me so many moments when I feel so special and It felt that I deserve all the amazing things I did and visit.

When we arrived after 6 hours on the boat we went directly towards the apartment. First impression of this island was shocking for me. The port is situated in capital city and we had to go through it. It is maybe because I don’t like cities or I didn’t expect classical european city there. We were continued on the coast down going from one city to another that it seemed like one big city without any end. Buildings looked worse and worse with every kilometer and everything looked so dirty. I was trying to keep calm and hope that tomorrow it will be better when we will visit another parts of this island. And from that moment my expectation wasn’t so big.

From the second day we start to make all day long trips in mountains and around the island. From that moment everything changed and the island start to slowly shows us all his amazing parts. We visited so many beautiful places and our GPS which tried to find always the nearest way guide us through tiny streets which were going steep down or up make this trip more funny. The first night the GPS take us also to street where cars are not allowed and people looked at us bit frightened. There was no way back, no space to turn so we were going forward until we came to a parking space and continue the normal road. 

The island is full of majestic mountains and I was enjoying hundreds od breathtaking views. I remember also one day which was cloudy and tops of the mountains were covered by clouds. When it is happening in Lanzarote it always make me smile on my face and happy feeling inside me wondering how nature can make so beautiful creations. But there it was one hundred more intense and more beautiful. I was looking up to the mountains for a long time trying to copy this image deep inside my memory with every detail that I can remember. 

Near this beautiful place with mountains is one port where is touristic attraction called finger of the God and we decided to visit also this place. We came to this small town to take pictures of piece of rock that stands out from the ocean in shape of God’s finger. We parked the car and have a small walk in port. After couple of minutes we were looking around but we didn’t see any finger. “It should be here. Maybe we should go to other side, no?” Alex Lugeer told me. There were few people around us walking and we decided to ask someone than just trying and finding this special shape of one rock. The lady that we asked tell us the bad story of this natural monument. The finger felt down to the ocean during hard storm two years ago. Touristic brochures and signs from that moment nobody changed. But we stayed in this port little bit longer also without finger to enjoy amazing sunset which burn all the sky with red and pink color until the moon appear in his full power and shine with beautiful light ring around. It was my second time in my life that I saw the ring of the moon. Insted of the tragedy with finger one more bad situation happened to this island. It was just few months before we came. There was a big fire in some forests. A lot of trees, bushes and plants were burnt. There were the hills full of the black tree trunkes and the ashes. Fortunately other places were all right and we were visiting and walking in wonderful nature scenery. 

One day we were going to small town called Teror. The town was full of old style houses but keep good. Every house has different bright color and all it looks .. it looks like Trinidad from Cuba. Do I replete myself? I remember that I said this sentence already few year ago. I cannot beleve it. My mind start to connect everything together. Is this possible? About six years ago I was sitting in sofa in house of my family. It was Sunday morning and we were having breakfast together. In Sunday’s mornings we were watching channel in TV about traveling. I remember that one place catch my attention and stayed in my mind. It was place that looked similar like Trinidad. And I was dreaming that one day I will visit this place. And guess what, it was Teror. One of my teenage dream was becoming reality and it started to slow down in my brain. I was so happy and enjoying every second for that teenage girl who were dreaming and siting in sofa infront of television. Teror is beautiful town in north of Gran Canaria, it has a kind ambient. Small shops in the main street, local sellers with hand made products and old local people sitting on the banch and just looking and speaking together make this place more magical. After small walk around we sit in one coffee bar in the main square next to church. We were drinking coffee and eating my favourite food that Alex order without him knowing that it is my favourite. This place stayed in  my heart for all this nice moments. 

Another place that was unexpected and stay in my mind is place of Alice in wonderland. That day was slowly finishing and we decided to go to Puerto de Mogán for dinner because it is magical place for this occasion. On the way there we were listening speech of Alan Watts and slowly going from mountains down to coast. We passed one mill and Alex stopped the car in the side of the road. I understand that we will go to see some place and I went out of the car. I start to smile. Infront of me is a small garden where are things like cup, teacup, table with chairs exactly in that size when Alice drink the magic liquid and become small. I was feeling like in wonderland. We were going around the mill amazed of this fairytale garden. Near the door of the mill there were sitting  three old men and having a talk together. They stopped to talk when they saw us and then they invite us to visit the mill from inside. For me it was almost perfect. It was missing just The Cheshire Cat.

There are things in my life I fall in love with and I don’t have any reason for it but when it is appeared in my life I am so exited. Happiness is in this situation dissolves in my soul. One of the things that i love are the boats. I love them! Specially sailing boats are my favourite and this was the first time when I could stay in this type of boat and also sleep inside. This trip was full of boats. The easiest way how to go to another island from here also with car is to take a boat. Happy for me. It means 6 hours in the boat in each way. The reality was like this – the way to Gran Canaria we were staying on the last floor of the boat outside and freezing on the sunbeds, hugging and protecting each other from the cold wind. On the other way back we were trying to fall asleep on the floor during the night. So for others it can be not comfortable experience but for me is the exiting of boats more powerful and I enjoy lots of moments there. 

The boats that are my favourite are sailing boats. When came the moment of booking some accommodation few days before this trip, Alex had amazing surprise to sleep in the sailing boat. To don’t go more than the budget of money that we had for the trip we decided to book 3 nights in apartment and 2 nights in the boat. In the moment of enthusiasm that we will stay on the boat my brain stopped to work and stopped to count. We didn’t book any sleeping place for the last night. We realized this in the third day when we were leaving from the first accommodation, apartment of one italian guy. In these situations Alex is amazing. Problems doesn’t exist for him. He is able to change it for adventure or surprise. During next 5 minutes my mind was full of thoughts – “What we will gonna do? Where will we sleep? In the car? It will be cold! And uncomfortable… But one night I can survive, not?” And he said: “Don’t worry about it, we will not sleep in the car.” and he was closing application for booking hotels on his phone. “It will be adventure” he said. 

Two nights we stayed in amazing sailing boat together with family who live there. The father was typical seaman with lots of experience. During breakfasts which prepared his wife from Venezuela he was enthusiastically narrating his stories about his sailing life, about places he visited, about storms he survived and his future boat adventures that he is planning. The breakfast, the delicious breakfast with homemade bread made it more amazing. The third person of the family was teenage girl. I met her first time when I was opening door to enter in the port toilets. I was shy and I start to open the door so slowly. I put my head like in slow motion to look inside. There was corridor and I saw a person with short black hair who was speaking with someone else and in another second turn eyes on me. I stopped and just looking. I am on the right place? Is it a boy or girl the person who is looking on me? Are there toilets or just shower? I was asking myself. “Come in, you are in right place, I am girl.” “Are there toilets?” I am asking. ,,Yes, behind the showers.” I am going round the corner and see also two women. One is sitting on chair and the other dye her hair. In the night the same day when we came back to the boat to go to our room to sleep I saw the same people I met in showers. We start to laugh. 

Our staying in boat was beautiful and amazing and this family tried to offer us the best they have for our staying there but inside them were part of sadness and troubles of their life that we could not overlook. Daughter of the seamen was lesbian teenage girl with different opinion of her future than was opinion of her father. The last day she was leaving the boat during arguing with her father and they said to each other to never live together again. I wish them the best, lots of inner power to pass their troubles and love to their hearts to heal the hurts.

The last night was coming and I still didn’t know where we will sleep. This day we felt that tiredness is already deep in our bones so we decided to finish the day earlier than normally. Around 5 pm I put the location to GPS and navigate us to the place we will stay for one night. We came to place that looks like a camp. I saw some caravans and didn’t know what to think about it. We came to small reception and because my spanish is no so good I didn’t understand so much what is Alex speaking with receptionist. It seems that there is some problem. What’s wrong? I was waiting until they stop to speak to ask for translate. But she stand up from her chair and left. “Everything is OK?” I asked. “I booked a tent.” he said. Tent? In November? Isn’t it better the car? There was house on the picture when he booked this but she said that we booked the tent. Haha at least it was so cheap. The lady went look if she can change the reservation and give us one of the houses on the picture. After few minutes she came back with good news. We will not sleep it tent … ufff… After few minutes of filling papers we get key and go in that direction where she point her finger to find number of our house. House? Ehm It was wooden planks moored together with small gaps between them, door was closing on padlock and our light was just one lamp that the kind lady give us on reception. We enter inside, there was one small room with three beds in the middle without any bedclothes, two sofa on sides and small table. 

“Did you want to surprise me? Haha, good one!” This I really didn’t expect to have a little bit of adventure and camp style on our holiday will be fun. Let’s enjoy it. 

I was so lucky that the same day we were shopping and I bought a lots of warm clothes because it was raining in the night and the cold was entering from the gaps from outside the wooden house. That night I took everything that I had from clothes. Something I dressed, from one sweatshirt I made pillow and I cover myself with two towels.

First three days we were sleeping in apartment of one italian older man. This accommodation has more than we needed. I was surprised of how many things were there. Czech people say – everything from pin to locomotive. One table was just for brochures about touristic places. One of them was about waterfalls. If you see the nature in Gran Canaria you will not believe that this dry landscape can show something so amazing like a waterfall. Because this natural artistic creation with water is for me like donut with a lot of chocolate for sweetlovers, I decided to search more information about it. Few days later I asked captain of sailing boat where is the magic place with waterfall that shows the brochure from the apartment. His answer wasn’t so happy for my ears. “Are you kidding me? Waterfall here? Maybe in 2010 when was floods. But it wasn’t raining for a long time.” The spark of hope slowly goes out and I start to think that I will not see it. 

Last night of our holiday start the real adventure. No more luxury life but something different and interesting. When we were staying in front of the wooden house in our last night I felt one drop of water and then another one. It start to rain. Like we are used from Lanzarote for short rains we expect it also here. But it was continue and continue. After one hour Alex start to speak again about waterfall. Maybe if it will rain until tomorrow we have chance to see it. The spark of hope start to shine again. When we wake up in the morning and open door it was sunny day. But we decided to try to find it. We have no planes for the many hours that we had left until we got the boat back to Lanzarote,and decided to try our luck, so if will be there just dry rocks at least we will have a nice walk. We open google and search possible places where can be waterfalls. Alex let me choose one. I point my finger on first place which take my attention. We putted this location in GPS and start our way. GPS again tried to find the nearest way and guide us in the most tiny street up and down like on rollercoaster. After few minutes when we follow one street on the hill and more and more far away from civilization we stopped in place where the road was so steep and full of rocks that our car wasn’t able to go more high. I like the views that we had there so much, tops of hills around were cover with clouds it seemed like every hill has his own hat. The temperature went down and it was colder and colder and more and more humidity in the air. We change flip-flops for shoes, take a sweatshirt and went up on the road. We left our phone with navigation in the car because it shows that in just few hundred meters we will arrive to our destination. It will be easy. We cannot get lost. Full of energy we were following the road and in our way appear one couple who save our adventure because they describe where to go and said that we will walk another 2 hours. There were dressed in sport clothes with waterproof jackets and bags on their back and look at me that I had feeling that they don’t believe I can finish this road with my converse shoes just with camera in my hands. The scenery was more and more fascinating for me every step that we did. We were slowly entering in another world. The panorama with ocean and towns far away was slowly deseppearting and air that I was breathing was so clean and so fresh. The humidity in the air makes me feel like in special rainforest where plants and lianas are changed to  local vegetation with cactuses and aloe vera. I felt like in fairytale how beautiful was this way, there were just missing elves and fairies. Fog and clouds were covering places which were far more that ten meters to make the place more special and more magical. After half hour of walking the rain force us to stop and go under rocks for couple of minutes. My happiness start to grow that nature is preparing the last present for my birthday and with this heavy rain we will find some falling water for sure. With this motivation I didn’t feel cold, like I feel in every place where is less than 25* and we continue going trough the clouds. 

After two hours of being amazed how beautiful this island can be and how different it is from Lanzarote we hear sound of water seems that falling from high. We followed this sound and through green vegetable on tiny road we came to that place. It was there! My happiness start to grow so fast like when you give full bowl of sweets to a child. We already had boat sleeping adventure, I was Alice in wonderland, I was shopping in primark for first time, I felt that my imagination about chinese villages  in mountains appear here, I visit place that I saw in TV before many years ago and I wish to visit it, we had lots of delicious meals everyday, we had so many amazing wonderful views, visit many new lovely places and the last present from the universe, nature and Alex – The dreamy waterfall. I was with person so close to my heart who make this trip unforgettable. 

It is already third island from Canary Islands that I visit and I am so grateful to have this experience and I am happy to have this memories because it is just this what it is staying with us all our life.

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