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Hello everybody!

Let me present you what was about our first project. This project start before our love started but we finished together.

Did you really finish it?

Almost. There is still missing one small part to the end. But our plan is finish it next summer with something special if our budget will allow it. We think it will be cherry on the cake. For the moment missing just this video, others you can alredy watch it on facebook or youtube.

So, your first project is your first album?

Exatcly. We created 14 motivation songs (ehm.. My Dear Love created 14 motivation songs because I have no idea how to make a song) and for every song we created a videoclip. Just one song doesn’t have videoclip yet. This will be our adventure next summer.

How long did you spend with this project?

It was about 1 year. When we started to meet with each other it was already small parts of first few songs ready.  Next few months I was just looking over Alex’s shoulder and didn’t understand what is happening on the computer screen. When he started to make videos I also start to participate more than just support and giving a hug in that days when everything went wrong.

Are you an actress in these videos?

Sometimes I stayed from one side of the camera and sometimes from the other side. If I remember good you can see me in 4 videos. In video with Jim Carrey, Mandela and Steve Jobs. In video with Rocky Balboa I appear just in few seconds at the end.

How was this experience?

I really like it and we had lots of fun together. In video with Mandela I spend few hours in that strange position on the beach lying on my belly and writing down text of the song. Yes, all my body hurts after it. For song with Steve Jobs with beautiful name ”Follow your heart” we used videos from our trip to Prague. For me it is more special because I celebrated there my birthday with people that I love.  This year I am not so lucky to celebrate it with my family but one of the most important person will be next to me and I am so happy for this. In song with Jim Carreys speech we put video from our amazing trip in Fuerteventura where we spend couple of days. During our relationship Alex give me some tests of good girlfriend. Yes it is funny and true. But this test with Fuerteventura was little bit different. When we were spoken about my traveling dream in his mind was growing idea to test me if I can really go to this special trip. Fuerteventura is an island whitch is so close to us. Amazing place for his test – how I can plan trip with small budget of money. And we survived! Yes I had to throw my shoes after first stop where we went to volcano from other side than was turistic road. So my plan had just couple of small mistakes like this. But test passed!

How was it from behind the camera?

I enjoy it so much. It is mainly because it is new for me to make videos. I helped to make videos from different angles. For example when Alex was taking videos underwater (Bruce Lee – Like water) I was taking video from coast. Or in another case I made video behind the scene. But one video I did alone almost until the end. It is song with amazing Nick Vujicic. This person is so unbelievable for me because with no arms and no legs he doesn’t give up in his life and he also help people with his motivation speeches. Another reason for me why I am happy that I made video for his song is personaly. I remember moment when our relationship starts we were laying in the bed and Alex start to make song with his speech and showed me videos about this man. But back to the video. It was my nameday and we went together visit museum of Cesar Manrique here in Lanzarote. So, in this video you can see Alex going through this museum and you can also see interesting work of the artist. Because this was one of my first videos it wasn’t totaly perfect and Alex had to make some changes.

Do you want to say something for the end?

It was amazing year of lots of new experience and I learnt a lot. We already working in our new projects which will be soon here.

With Love.

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