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I am grateful that I have been in the party that Acttive (an animation company) made for animators from Lanzarote and Fuerteventura in a boat surrounded by the beautiful Atlantic ocean. Our company send me to be the photographer of the event and our best Dj in our company Dj Nandy that I learn a lot and he managed to creatd this beautiful atmosphere where was so easy to capture joy and happiness. The energy of the song made me easy to choose to make a video from this event. It is a beautiful connection of the lyric, vibe and the emotion of the people. I hope that a part of what I felt being there with this amazing people that enjoyed life at maximum is shared with this video. To say also something personal about the song, I also intentionally put myself in the EGO part of the song because I think it is one of the problems that I have to fix at myself. The ego made me feel many times fear and also the ego stopped me from learning preccios lessons from others.


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