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I am grateful to had such a beautiful weather in that day. It made the video look almost like I imagined it. Eliska was such a professional model and artist in the same time. I thank also to the ocean that it collaborated with his waves and of course the amazing people of Africa that I met until now, that are full of energy and happiness and also of talent that just need to be put right in the spotlight. There are only 2 big dissapointing events in this project. One was that I could not make it easy to make the video of the 3 songs and the second is that in the Mandela song the singer that singed the 1 and the 6 song Megane(a sound of african girl) I could not record the song that was so nice for me to sing it becouse she left Lanzarote and after she lost her number. So sad 🙁 It was such a perfect much. But I found the solution I used a singer from Fiverr cold “realtalent” that I tried to explain what I want to do (this is complicated to explain when you don’t have nothing to compare with) but the message that I received made in my soul such a good vibe. She answered like this: “I’m not sure how the melody goes but I’m in! I will do a great job for you.” For me was woooow to see that I want to make some songs that will motivate me and also possible will motivate others but at the end most of the people that I worked with motivated me, and also in this case with just a message. Thank you. To say something about the song is that it echos in my mind the life of Mandela and all the suffering that africans had to pass and also find the power to shine with beauty in front of all the world.


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