First Album – 09 Eleanor Roosevelt – Human Rights – MOTIVATIONAL SPEeCH MUSIC – @Lugeer

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I am grateful that the humanity is going towards a peaceful physical world. If we compare what is now with what was 20 years ago it shows a grow in feeling more safe going out of the house. Hope that this will continue until we arrive to start also to be peaceful in our brains and hearts. The video was made 3 or 4 years ago for a total different project that I left die slowly. But like a phenix it finds his way to the light of the screen by helping the song perfectly grow his value in the emotions. The model (Cristina Croitorul) help a lot with her experience and I am happy that finaly what we worked so hard then now is has a meaning. The singer that help me find the transition from a speach to a song is Roberta (Marsy) is a professional singer that the experience in this field let me learn a lot from her and I am grateful that I met her. During the recordings it was a moment of intense realization that this is what I like to do, being around amazing people and helping them to show to the world that life is such a beautiful miracle. To say somenthing personal about the song is that I believe that we should continue evolving and human rights that will be respected by all the world will help us in the jurney to create a beautiful balance in the world.


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