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I am grateful for all the people that I interacted in my life. They made me the person that I am today. I believe that motivating the person next to me and all the world all that I can motivate will help make a better atmosphere that I can grow learning the things that I like the most from every person that I enconter. The video was made 2 years ago in the carneval in Puerto del Carmen and made me aprreciate all the effort of each person that created a magical story. In every person or group of persons it was present a new story. It such a beautiful tradition especially here where all the people try their best to create this. To create a small happiness around them illustrating sometimes the most expresive look they would like to show to the world. The singer that help me add his beautiful confidence in this song is Tom (TooSick) is an amazing talent. He is so good with improvising and drop it like is hot. For me is a little bit sad that I didn’t have time enought to show to the world what he can do (we had only 2 hours to record 4 songs that he didn’t understand what I wanted from him :)) PS: A long story other time possible I will tell it) but is amazing what we achieved in such a short time in this project. Ps: Girls be careful he can make you fall in love with him in just seconds :)) To say something personal about the song it was one of the most beautiful surprises of the album personally because I wanted to take it out of the album. But the fact that I stayed 3 hours to clean and edit the voice of general Patton made me decide to continue with song also when I was thinking to take it of the album. Because I was thinking it will not manifest something world listening to. And I thing it was also the first song that I mixed it. And at the end of mixing I was listening for 10 times and I couldn’t stop believing that has a deep flow.


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