First Album – 07 Nick Vujicic – Keep on going – MOTIVATIONAL SPEeCH MUSIC – @Lugeer

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I am grateful to do the song of the person that motivated me to not find the excuses and the power of motivating others. He is the one that mark the possibility to be yourself and shine in the hearts of many souls. And about the video I am grateful to be in the house museum of Cesare Manrique because he is another motivator in my plan or dream that I have that is to build cities from scratch and one of the city has to have 700.000 people. And he demonstrated that if you know how to look and add a personal touch you can change the believes of other people and make from that place a place that you will want to visit. The singer that help me find the transition from a speach to a song is Roberta (Marsy) is a profesional singer that the experience in this field let me learn a lot from her and I am greatful that I met her. During the recordings it was a moment of intence realization that this is what I like to do, being around amazing people and helping them to show to the world that life is such a beautiful miracle. To say something personally about the song it is a privilege to share the simple truth of how to be truly succesful in life. If everything that you wish to achieve like goals (except involving persons example I wish to have girl A or boy B) is applying the rule of keep on going and trust the next step bring you more closer to your own goal.


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