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I am grateful to start the videos with this amazing artist that I think she deserve to enter in history. I am grateful because if it was not for making the first video with her the album would had only 3 videos. Working at this project took an adventure of 1 year and few months to arrive to that point to listen and watched these videos. When I started I had plan to do every video to every song. But the ups and downs especially the downs and the time that was going more than I expected was putting a lot of pressure and made me believe that it could be also for nothing. But when I finished and show her the video her reaction give me straight to rise up and continue trying to do all the videos. The singer was Megan and she was proof how a diva acts. Normally I meet a lot of people that they seem to be something that they are not and sometimes is also create not nice enviroment around them. And many girls trying to copy the atitude of diva but in her case in way or another she has it in her blood. In the short time that we record it the maximum of 2 hours and having so good results I recommend her for all the serious producers that want that sweet flavour in their songs. To say something personal about the song in my life I was lucky enought to don’t have serious problems, the biggest enemy was myself. So every time I tried to succeed in something I always had to rise on top of my thoughts on top of my fears I always had to find the way to rise.


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