My name is Eliška Sirotková and I am so exited to share with you our subliminal audio for better relationship with money. Why did you create this audio? Let me start from the begining. We had a few situations in our relationship when Alex was angry that he spent more money than me when we went out. He resolved his problem after few months with idea to pay exactly half and half of everything that we will buy. He started … read meSUBLIMINAL AUDIO FOR HAVING MORE MONEY

Hello everybody!

Hello everybody! It is my plesure to introduce you today new online project. From that day we decided to create a blog passed already few weeks. Now it is here and I am so happy share with you this experience. Lets start! Why did you decide to create this blog? This blog has 2 main purposes. The first one is to document our projects. It is personaly reason to keep our memories and to see how we are moving forward. … read meHello everybody!