Hello everybody! My name is Eliška Sirotková and today I would like to tell you my story of the beginning on this island. The year 2017 was dominated by fire rooster in Chinese horoscope. The rooster that was also the year of my birth bring lots of courage to change my path of my life. It was on 21st of June at 10pm, I was sitting in a big and otherwise empty room. It was first quiet moment after full … read me2 YEARS IN PARADISE ISLAND

Sunday’s vlogs marathon

Hello world! My name is Eliška Sirotková and today I want to speak about our last 3 vlogs. How are these 3 videos connected with each other? Alex is working six days per week and when he comes home for spanish ”siesta” we normaly eat lunch and then he wants to concentrate on his music projects. So the only day we can make trips and also vlogs are on Sunday when he is off. One Sunday was really bussy because … read meSunday’s vlogs marathon


Hello world! My name is Eliška Sirotková and I would like to introduce you our new vlogs. Hey, what’s new here? We decided to start to make vlogs in the begining of this year. My 3 moths of holiday starts exactly last day of 2017 because of our broken car. This day I was preparing to go to work, I took my bag and together with Alex we went to parking space just couple of metres far away from place … read meVlogs

Gran Canaria

This island situated in atlantic ocean allowed me to enter deep inside and show me the various beauties that are hiding. It was day after my birthday when we start our journey where we celebrate my twenty-four year of existence. I didn’t expect that this island which is just six hours with boat far away from us (Lanzarote) can be so different and I didn’t know that this trip can fill up my traveling wishes so high. I like traveling, … read meGran Canaria

Hello everybody!

Hello everybody! It is my plesure to introduce you today new online project. From that day we decided to create a blog passed already few weeks. Now it is here and I am so happy share with you this experience. Lets start! Why did you decide to create this blog? This blog has 2 main purposes. The first one is to document our projects. It is personaly reason to keep our memories and to see how we are moving forward. … read meHello everybody!