Hello everybody! My name is Eliška Sirotková and today I would like to tell you my story of the beginning on this island.

The year 2017 was dominated by fire rooster in Chinese horoscope. The rooster that was also the year of my birth bring lots of courage to change my path of my life. It was on 21st of June at 10pm, I was sitting in a big and otherwise empty room. It was first quiet moment after full day of travelling, new places and new people around me. I am sitting there and thinking about my crazy idea to leave everything in Czech Republic and just with one language move to some island in Atlantic ocean. Lots of worries of my beginning of travelling were changing with exiting feeling from new adventures. I was thinking about all the situation and all the decisions that I took in that year.

How did your journey begin?

First step was the hardest one that I made in Czech republic. I felt I want to travel already for many years. It was a dreaming desire inside me and I couldn’t stop it. But my fear of travelling alone constantly postponed this journey for later. It was a mission impossible for me for many years and in the end of June I was already in Lanzarote drinking a beer with my new friends. I didn’t choose to go to Lanzarote, Lanzarote have been chosen for me for some reason. This small dry island with kind and happy people changed to my home for 2 years.

Did you have any expectations?

I was watching videos from Lanzarote on YouTube before this journey and from these videos I was expecting lonely desert island almost uninhabited. So the reality was much more better. I called it “My paradise island” for many months. I was living in an apartment so near to small beautiful beach. The apartment was not so big and not so small. I was living with one English girl that was so quiet, and she spends all the days in her room, so I felt I have all the space just for me. My bedroom had one window that I loved so much. I used to sit in this window and drink tea, read a book and every Friday to have small conversation with a gardener that comes to scrap falling leaves. The view from the window was amazing. There are not so many plants in this small desert island but when I opened my window there was a beautiful garden with palm trees, different kinds of bushes with lots of colourful flowers.

My life changed from lots of stress and pressure to quiet and relaxing paradise. In Spain is normal to work with few hours long break in the afternoon. This break I was going to the small beach just 2 minutes of walking from the place where I was staying. White sand on the beach was mixed volcanic black sand that seems so natural and I liked it more than other places. There were also few palm trees on this beach that is rare if I compare it with other beaches here. I used to sit on the shadow backed on the trunk of palm tree. I was enjoying this new relaxing life and I felt in love with sound of the waves hitting the stones again and again like never ending story.

Did you try something new here on this island?

Yes, actually I am adding things in my list of “My first time in my life”.

I was sitting in one English bar in Costa Teguise with my Czech friend one afternoon. Drinking cold drink in the middle of the hot summer and speaking about my life in Lanzarote. In one moment she asked me: “Do you wanna play Bingo?”. “Bingo?” In few seconds a woman voice came from the microphone and introduce a beginning of the game. Suddenly came a person who was selling small papers with numbers and asked us: “How many for you?” At that moment I started to understand that English people take this game more seriously than just child game for shortening a long time. So I answer: “One for me, thanks.” This was my first Bingo I played in English bar.

I was working in one hotel and in the end of the month was time for my first salary. My colleague went with me to the office near a reception. There I signed a papers and receive in return my first check in my life. This is not a usual way how to pay a salary in my country, so I was so surprised and so happy with the cheque which I know just from movies. I took couple of pictures on my phone and smily face showing – Look! This is my first check! Then my colleague also show me where is the bank and how to change it for money.

All my 22 years of my life I was strictly refusing to put anything from seafood to my mouth and swallow it. It was something really disgusting for me if I have to just touch it. My new friends invite me for a lunch to their house. They cooked a risotto and a fish. I told them my problems with seafood, but they tried to convince me to eat it. I was slowly putting small pieces of the fish to my mouth mixed with the delicious risotto that neutralized the taste a little bit. Actually the taste of the fish was not so bad! Just my fear and disgust of seafood made this more complicated. After couples of weeks I met Alex (Read more about our relationship in next article), and he invited me to a date in beautiful small restaurant. We were staying at the table next to a huge window which was right next to the ocean. Beautiful place for romantic date. Suddenly a waiter came and asked for our order. Alex said something in Spanish and asked me what I would like to drink. In few minutes the waiter came with drinks, small potatoes with three sauces that are typical for Lanzarote and he put to the table one plate full of some fried food. I was looking to this plate and analyse it. Do not tell me that is a seafood! I was able to eat a piece of fish just because it looked like slide of meat but shape of these animals with lots of tentacles shocked me for few minutes. I stopped the thoughts in my brain to run away or ruin the date just because of this food. Fortunately when you are in love everything is more easy.

Another thing that I tried first time in my life was surfing. There is a beach in the north of this island that is made for learning to surf. In one of my day off I went to this beach with my colleague from the work. At first, we wanted to have fun and jump on big waves. One wave take me to some rock and I hurt my toe. After one hour of trying to find some plaster to cover my toe I decided to go through all the beach to SOS container and there was a man with blond curly hair and brightly blue eyes that treated my toe. Then we met a friend of the colleague that bring to surfs, and he started to explain to me the basic things about surfing. We went to the ocean, and I was trying to copy the movements of jumping on the surf. I think I managed to stay just for once and I loose all the cover of my toe. In few months I continue my learning of surfing with Alex in the same beach. He has so patient with me and I stand on the board couple of times.

Do you want to say something for the end?

This island was just beginning of my way and I stayed more that was planned. But now I am not alone but we are two. I hope together with Alex we will continue travel more soon and make another adventures around the world together.

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