Who we are? And how does it start?

Two young people decided to come to one small island to discover something more about themselves and the artistic passion that was sleeping inside them. They wanted to explore the essence of life and tasted it on their own skin. Destiny or coincidence brings them together through love. And now they are discovering and manifesting their dreams in a creative way helping each other.

And here we are. That’s our beginning of this life adventure. We decided to write our stories in this blog for beautiful memories, inspiration, fun and becoming a better version of ourselves. Because the way for us is as important as the final destination or result, for that we created a blog to capture both of them.

We are two different souls from two different countries but something connect us together – Love, Art, and Unicorns. We decided to take advance of this connection to extend our ideas through two different angles, to support each other, to motivate each other and grow our potential. We love to do anything art-related, travel and explore. Our interest is mainly in photography, videography, and music.

Welcome to our blog.


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